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The Sanaa Movement
Praise Dance Ministry

 Praise Dance for a healthier you, physically and spiritually!  Dance your way into a healthier heart, increase your flexibility, strengthen, tone and lose weight.





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Long Island Sisterhood of Active Adults

It's so much better when you can call on someone to walk with you or join your walking club, go to the gym with you, take a swimming class with you, take a "free" beginner class with you or start a healthy diet with you.

This is a place where, I pray, we can post our healthy activities for others to join in. This is a place for active adults, or at least those who want to be. This is a place for those starting out, Baby Boomers and GenX to feel comfortable with the people they will begin their fitness journey with. But like anything else, know before you go, (the person and the place).

Note: Personal trainers and fitness facilities, please limit your post to "free" classes or "special events" and/or healthy tricks and tips.

Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor

Nassau, Suffolk Long Island

Take care of the complete  you!

The Spiritual inner you, the physical foundation and your outer beauty.

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